Greenways are multi-functional heritage trails developed along natural corridors, rivers, historical trade routes and railways. They link regions, tourist attractions and community initiatives, providing support for environmentally-friendly tourism and recreation, promoting healthy life-styles and non-motorized transport, including cycling, walking, horse-riding, boating.

They generate opportunities for improving quality of life and environment, revitalizing local economies, promoting local products, encouraging enterprise among local people and protecting unique natural, landscape and cultural values.

(according to „Sopron Declaration", Environmental Partnership, 2006 and the Greenways Vienna Declaration, 2016)


Why Greenways?

Interesting trails

Interesting trails Sustainable transport. Promotion of healthy lifestyle and travelling. Active tourism and recreation.


Exploring places rich in natural, landscape and cultural values.

Local enterprise

Building entrepreneurial communities and creating green jobs. Partnership of places and regions.

Protection of cultural heritage

Strenghtening Identity of the place. People with passion. Beautiful landscapes.

Greenways in Poland