Greenways are multi-functional trails developed along natural corridors, rivers and canals, historical trade routes and abandoned railways. They link regions, tourist attractions and community initiatives, support sustainable tourism and recreation, promote healthy life-styles and non-motorized transport. They generate opportunities for improving quality of life and environment, revitalizing local economies, promoting local products, encouraging community-based enterprise and protecting unique natural, landscape and cultural assets in Central and Eastern Europe.

(Greenways Vienna Declaration, 2016)

We are member of the European Greenways Association.


Philosophy, methodology and standards for creating greenways were implemented and adjusted to Polish conditions in 2001-2011 by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation as a part of the Central & Eastern European Greenways, based on the experiences and know how of American Greenways and the cooperation with William Moody and Krystyna Wolniakowski. The creation of Polish Greenways initiative was possible thanks to the generous support of the The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and other Donors of the Environmental Partnership for Central Europe, Environmental Partnership Association and Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation, such as: Doen Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, C.S. Mott Foundation and many others.